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Project in Detail

Rigshospitalet - The North Wing

Future Projects - Health
Copenhagen, Denmark
3XN, Copenhagen, Denmark
Aarhus Arkitekterne, Denmark
Nickl & Partner Architechten, Germany
World Architecture Festival 2012 - Category Winner

The North Wing seen from above the park 

The Client’s Brief:
The brief was closely inspired by Rigshospitalet's vision can be expressed by a number of objectives, of which the following are of particular importance: To be the preferred choice for patients who need highly specialized hospital care, to have high usability and to be a workplace that employees are proud to be part of.

An Efficient Principle:
3XN’s winning proposal for the extension of Rigshospitalet – Copenhagen’s main hospital – builds on a simple yet very efficient principle. The new North Wing building is characterized by its unique shape. A series of folded V-structures are tied together by a transversal thoroughfare. The folded V-structures give room to five atriums that function as pleasant recreational spaces for patients as well as differentiating orientation marks enabling easy way-finding in the large hospital. The central thoroughfare combined with a vertical distribution grid ensures optimal logistics and good connection to the existing hospital via a footbridge across. The V-structures provide proximity between functions and units - thus minimizing the walking distances and bettering the working conditions for the hospital staff.

A Greener Hospital:
Due to the shape of the building the North Wing will open up to plenty of natural daylight and provide good views to the adjacent public park to the west. Through integration of sustainable and energy saving solutions and green elements outside and inside the aim is to create a much greener hospital. The rooftop’s will have green terraces and be accessible for both staff and patients. The green features can help create a pleasant environment with healing benefits for patients and a positive physical setting for employees and visitors. Art is implemented throughout the building to support way-finding and to work as stimulating and healing elements.

Local Adaption:
Rigshospitalet is located in a central part of Copenhagen near the park and residential areas. In order to adjust to the surrounding city the North Wing is scaled down from north-west to south-east. This means that the building is higher towards the existing hospital and respectfully lower towards the classic Copenhagen-style residential blocks across the road. The façade is kept in glass and a natural light stone material and has self-shading features leading to energy savings. Visually the façade adjusts to the existing buildings of the area while still lending a modern and differentiated expression to the new hospital.

The project also entails a masterplan for the area, a new hotel for patients and a multi storey car park. The building is expected to receive the ‘BREEAM Excellent’ sustainability rating when completed in 2017.

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Aarhus Arkitekterne

Nickl & Partner Architechten

Client / Developer

Environmental Engineer

Landscape Architect
Kirstine Jensens Tegnestue

Structural Engineer