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Project in Detail


Future Projects - Commercial
Gothenburg, Sweden
Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB
World Architecture Festival 2009 - Category Commendation


Chalmers University of Technolgy

Green architecture can be red. The skin is made of six different shades of red and a one green.
It is executed in glazed terracotta, a permanent skin (think Babylon bricks).

”Kuggen” is circular to minimize the ratio between skin and area. Every floor level adds two bays making the building grow in size for every added floor.

The center of each circle is shifted so the southern elevation gets the longest shadow.
A movable sunscreen tracks the sun and adds to the shade to the two top floors.
(Existent buildings cast their shadows on the lower levels).

The windows are triangular allowing daylight to follow the ceiling deep into the building
while staying at a low ratio (30%) of the elevation surface. The result is a building aiming at an energy consumption of 60kW/y/sqm well below what is considered a green building, while providing state of the art comfort (temperature within individual offices range between 22-26 degrees Celsius). The building goes beyond state of the art solutions for ventilation, lighting, heating and cooling.

”Kuggen” is a building offering 192 bays. This translates into 192 conform office units surrounding open, flexible space. The users are scientist working within at Chalmers University of Technology setting up their start-up firms. The connecting bridges are into the academy and into the market exemplified by nearby offices used by ie Ericsson.

”Kuggen” is situated at Lindholmen in Gothenburg, a university campus, a research centre and numerous technological enterprises are established in an old wharf.

”Kuggen” is the energy efficient future.


Lead Architect

Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB