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Project in Detail

Kovacs House

Private House
Criba Design, bucharest, Romania

Kovats House

Lodging Ferme 34 Str. Otopeni * clients: Claudia si Robert Gavrila Kovats * general designer: SC CRIBA PROCONSTRUCT SRL * author: Cristina Olga Gociman * collaborator architects: arh. Claudiu Hogea * structure: ing. Barbu Gociman * ing. Toma Florin Voica * installations thermal, sanitary, gas: ing. Marcela Serbanescu * electrical: ing. Cristian Ionescu * status: executed 2005

High continuum - A flat site in the Otopeni area, without constrictions, imposes a challenge. A beneficiary opened to the experiment completes the whole of data of a special exercise. A normal terrain and normal theme solicitations lead, thus, to a “diagonal” decision. The stationary rectangular parallelepiped of the sky-light’s force introduces a revealing axis of the high east-west descender like an initiatory axis following the ladder access in a succession of lifting, of “conquering” the hights. The balance of the triangular areas is an antagonistic balance, but sufficiently to itself as a geometrical place. The sky-light, decomposed in other triangles, ensures the relation of the different slopes of the same “reality”. The space, fluent, is developed on two levels. The details connected to the defining of the fire spot as focalizing place interior-exterior bring to the composition a new center, added to the main trajectory. (Cristina Olga Gociman)

The space congruent to the shape – a bet that the architect has won, in this special case, revealing the interiors through large glasses, multi-guided. In front of the idea of total space, the tectonic redraws in folds in their turn “eaten” by light. 30
Although, planimetrically, the building is a strong demonstration of interaction of perfect shapes (triangles that slide one besides the other), from the point of view of its amenity, it convinces by its superior transparency – both on the side (the tough, strong walls are dissimulated), and on the outside (the power of the empty spaces and their clarity prevails). (Constantin Hostiuc)


Lead Architect

Criba Design